What to wear for your engagement shoot.

What you should wear on an engagement shoot.

What you should wear on an engagement shoot.

Dress it up lady!!!! I am a firm believer of if you are gonna do something then go all out for it! That is my motto for life and when it comes to engagement shoots you can never be too dressed up. First of all, you will only be doing this once so why NOT go all out. Ok now that is out of the way let's talk details:

Dress:  SAY YES TO THE DRESS!!! have you ever watched those award ceremonies and see all the gorgeous ladies all dressed up in floor length dresses and do you know why they choose these dresses? It is because they are the most flattering to a woman's figure! As a photography my passion is to bring out the best in my clients, The best images do require a photographer with some killer skills but the presentation of the subject aka YOU also make the photo!  I would totally stay away from shorts or pants as dresses really bring out the beauty in women.  Also they do a better job at capturing movement! 

Fabric Choice: I would def. go with something that flows. Chiffon and Tule are my fave. You can even pair a tight top with a flowy full length skirt and some heels! And solid colors are the best compliment especially to the nature backrounds, ocean, and wilderness.

Color: I always recommend staying away from white or black. Mainly because white is for your wedding and then black is so plain. A way to think of it is choose a color that would make you pop out from your back round.  A pale yellow dress would make you stand out in front of a bed of green trees :)

Shoes: For this you should def. wear something with a little bit of a heel. If you are not used to wearing heels make sure to bring an extra pair of slippers or more comfy shoes as you will  be walking from different sites for you portraits :)   The more heel the better as this will make you appear more like this tall goddess!

Accessories: I love when my clients have accessories. For example a necklace, some bracelets, flowers in the hair, a head peace. It also makes it look more editorial :) Your nails are also sort of like an accessory so treat yourself to mani pedi before the shoot so you are perfect from head to toe.

Just remember. Your engagement session is your time to shine and rock that inner goddess you have tucked away! But bottom line wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful and try something out of your comfort zone and leave the rest to me :)

Michelle Darlene